Course Design and Development

ansrsource designs and develops digital, traditional, and blended courses. Depending on client need, we create complete courses or select course components. We are well versed in learning design, content authoring and curation, assessment writing, and the creation of learning assets—including interactive media, videos, games, and simulations. Our learning and development team can serve as an extension of a client’s team, working in close collaboration or independently.

Want to increase learner understanding and knowledge retention?

Microlearning chunks content into short bursts of information and activity that are easy for learners to digest.

Looking for a collaborative learning experience?

Social learning, or collaborative learning, leverages the power of social networks to create shared learning experiences.

Need to satisfy on-the-go learners?

Mobile learning provides instruction, games, videos, mobile apps, and more designed for access through mobile devices.

Looking for skill development and concept mastery?

Experiential learning gives learners hands-on practice in applying real-life concepts and skills.

Want a personalized learning experience?

Adaptive learning offers learners personalized paths of instruction depending on their level of understanding and expertise.

Have a mix of instructor-led and online content?

Blended learning combines instructor-led classroom activities (either in-person or virtual) with online experiences.