ansrsource is an elegant balance of boutique service delivered at global scale.

Our approach is designed for creativity and flexibility, with a structure that ensures efficiency, affordability, and excellence. With the learner always front and center in our minds, we train every member of our team in our proprietary learning development, design, and critical thinking approach, and incorporate leading research, practices, and tools in our platform-agnostic learning solutions.


ansrsource believes in backwards design principles, we know the best solutions start with the best questions.

We begin by listening and learning as much as we can about client goals and learners themselves. Our learner-centric methodology guides our decisions about technology, design, assessment, and our own measurement of success.


No one understands your learners better than you. Our collaborative and iterative approach allows you to see and feel in real time how your input shapes decisions as the project moves forward.

We assign a single point of contact with a dedicated team to each project to ensure consistency and ease throughout the collaborative process. Your work is done by our in-house team – no silos, handoffs, or excuses.


Our full-time team of leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), instructional designers, media specialists and animators work seamlessly together to bring your vision to life.

Whether you have existing content that needs to be “refreshed” or you are looking to create a new course from scratch that is customized to your unique needs, our international network of vetted professionals is ready to curate and/or create content that meets your objectives.


ansrsource understands that placement, design, and context are important.

Whether scaling up or creating a standalone project, we ensure that the content is not just a collection of links, but rather fits into the context of the course and your organization’s values. Free from any technology or platform, we can help to optimize your preferred LMS or let our experience and background guide your choice.


As life-long learners we recognize the impact that accessible education at an affordable cost can have on the greater society. That’s why we offer flexible pricing options including shared intellectual property rights and revenue sharing to meet your needs.

As we collaborate with clients, we strive to achieve the greatest possible impact with the simplest solution that enables learners to quickly grasp and apply new knowledge and skills beyond the classroom.

How Our Team Works

I am thrilled to be part of a team that creates and delivers engaging content for diverse learner audiences. As the liaison between our clients and the media development team, I am passionate about bringing the content to life through animation, video and graphic design – in ways that satisfy our clients and engage learners.

~Daila Boufford

Manager, Learning Design

Our customers consistently cite our in-house team of experts as an important advantage in working with us and a true differentiator for ansrsource.

~Katie Trotta

Associate Vice President, Partner Engagements

As a company, we really ‘get’ learning design and understand where it fits in the learning and development ecosystem.

~Susan Schoenberg

Associate Vice President, Program Management

We seek to understand each client’s unique needs, evaluate the best possible solutions and objectively recommend strategies, methodologies and delivery alternatives. With broad and deep subject matter expertise, multimedia capabilities, and learning technology knowledge, our teams collaborate with a variety of clients to understand their desired goals and design effective learning programs.