Learning Assets

The ansrsource team develops interactive media, videos, games, simulations, and more to be used independently or as part of complete courses and training programs.

Our team of in-house learning experts includes learning experience architects, multimedia experts, instructional designers, graphic designers, programmers, and video production technicians.

Interactive Media

The ansrsource team develops interactive multimedia activities designed to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention.

We closely observe developments and trends in learning technology to offer the most adaptive, sophisticated, and current media experiences. Our team of experts can provide guidance in selecting the best media solution to achieve specific learning goals.


The ansrsource team develops a variety of video types designed to engage learners and help them better understand concepts and skills. We create a wide range of videos—from short to long with simple to complex animations. We also have expertise producing live-action videos and videos utilizing 2D, 2.5D, and 3D virtual reality.

Regardless of video length and complexity, we focus on creating engaging, high-quality content to improve the learner experience.

  • Our walk-through videos are succinct and designed for ease of understanding.
  • Our scenario videos include relatable characters and believable scenarios.
  • Our live-action videos are created with high-quality camera equipment and expert production work.


The ansrsource team develops games designed to engage and motivate learners and improve both concept understanding and knowledge retention. We develop many different types of games to create engaging and fun learning experiences.


The ansrsource team designs and develops simulations that give learners the opportunity to apply skills and concepts—increasing learner understanding, engagement, and knowledge retention.

Simulations place learners in a role, give them a situation to explore, ask them to make decisions, and show them the results of their choices. This type of immersive, hands-on learning lets learners test their understanding of skills and concepts in an environment that is true to life but safe, allowing them to experience outcomes and consequences and develop needed skills.

We’ve created everything from short, simple simulations designed to be played once to long, complex simulations designed to be replayed so that learners can experience multiple outcomes.