ansrsource was founded with a focus on writing assessments, and we’ve specialized in writing assessments, or test items, for more than a decade—continually deepening our expertise and diversifying the types of assessments we create. We’ve built assessment programs for all levels and types of learners.

Our team of assessment and subject matter experts has written thousands of multiple-choice questions, true-false statements, ranking questions, matching questions, essay questions with rubrics, critical thinking questions, real-world applications questions, and more. We have expertise writing assessments targeted at each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy—remember, understand, apply, evaluate, and create. The choice of question type and approach is driven by unique client needs.

Formative Assessments

Engage a learner during the learning experience to reinforce concepts.

Summative Assessments

Evaluate learner mastery at the end of a learning experience.

Objective Assessments

Test specific concepts, terms, and skills.

Authentic Assessments

Require application of real-world tasks to demonstrate skills and knowledge.


Ask learners to evaluate their unique individual thoughts, feelings, and perspectives to gain insight into concepts and skills.

Adaptive Assessments

Direct a learner to a personalized path for concept and skill mastery by use of logic embedded in a learning experience.

Scenario-Based Assessments

Present specific scenarios or cases and ask the learner to answer questions based on the information provided.

Algorithmic Assessments

Provide core questions that can be manipulated with different values to provide innumerable iterations.

We develop appropriate learner feedback to accompany assessments, allowing learners to revisit areas where they need more help and guiding personalized learning paths. This includes:

  • Prescriptive feedback, telling a learner where to go to find the correct answer.
  • Diagnostic feedback, telling a learner why an answer is not correct.
  • Media-rich feedback, providing a learner with an explanatory video or activity to provide further information or context around an answer.

Our experts develop assessments using a wide range of learning platforms, authoring systems, and technologies and can work on any platform or system preferred by a client.