Improving Course Completion Rates Through Exemplars

The Challenge

An online institution for higher learning launched self-paced courses and noticed that course completion rates were falling short. The end-of-course evaluations across disciplines revealed that learners needed additional information and explanations to accurately complete assessments. The assessments required well-developed analytical and critical thinking skills. ansrsource was hired to create exemplars—examples/samples of complex or complicated assessments—that learners could view to understand the thought process and steps involved in solving the assessments.

The Solution

The ansrsource team created exemplars for various subjects—including nursing, education, business, psychology, and public administration. Even though the authors and editors were not experts in some of the subject areas (such as nursing), they were able to write high-quality exemplars through in-depth research and content curation. The requirements for each exemplar were different and unique. Each exemplar had to meet a list of detailed rubrics criteria against which the exemplar would be graded, and each had to achieve the proficient or the distinguished criteria level to serve the intended learning objective.

The Result

ansrsource’s solution resulted in an increase in course completion rates among students. The client was able to isolate exemplars as one of the factors that contributed to this success. Each exemplar was viewed 4.5 times on average, and learner reactions showed that the exemplars were highly valued and made positive contributions to the learning experience.