Company Overview

ansrsource provides comprehensive multidisciplinary academic project development, content development, and related services to the higher education and professional training industries using a unique model that is flexible, predictable, and cost-effective. ansrsource is the pioneer in developing and perfecting the full-service academic editorial vendor model.

At ansrsource, we believe education can do more. We teach people to think critically—helping them to acquire the skills necessary to ignite change, and providing them with the confidence to make it happen. There’s a better way to learn, and we are passionate about sharing it with the world.

History and Growth

We at ansrsource pride ourselves on the partnerships we have formed with our clients since our establishment in 2003. During this time, we have grown from handling dozens to thousands of projects for all of the leading academic publishing firms in the U.S. Our work has evolved to include the most critical authors, titles, and initiatives our clients have to offer.

We have paced our growth thoughtfully, making sure that we truly understand our customers and their goals before making promises about how we can help. ansrsource has spent the past decade learning what academic stakeholders need in their content and assessment to facilitate an effective learning experience, and we don’t compromise on our standards. We began growing more rapidly only in the recent past as it took years to develop the right balance of talent and process to ensure the educational integrity of our work.

The ansrsource Approach

Our methodology has been tested, refined, and proven in front of the most demanding audiences in education. ansrsource employs project managers, subject matter and assessment experts, instructional designers, and editors in the U.S. and internationally. Our editors, content developers, and subject matter experts are full-time staff members, which provide an extra level of assurance that our deliverables are consistently of the highest standards.

ansrsource is not a typical vendor interested in a transactional relationship; we provide our clients with industry-leading services such as academic content and educational learning materials as part of a partnership that delivers strategic advantages. Our relationships with our customers have been, and always will be, based on trust, accountability, and dependability.

Partnering with ansrsource: Benefits

ansrsource’s contribution to strategic projects for your organization will bring a level of experience, professionalism, consistency, accountability, flexibility, and ongoing improvement that would not be possible with traditional vendors or with groups of individual contributors. We meet and exceed our clients’ high expectations, and we meet them at the scale required to transform education.